Free Educational Resources



[Article] How Does Blockchain Really Work? I Built an App to Show You One - by Sean Han
A short article with code examples and descriptions

[Article] WTF Is the Blockchain? - by Mohit Mamoria
A longer article that breaks down each step in greater detail

[Course] Blockchain Fundamentals - by Blockchain at Berkeley
A comprehensive survey of relevant topics in cryptocurrency and the wider blockchain space


[Article, Hands-on] Learn Blockchain by Building One - by Daniel van Flymen
A detailed guide to build your own blockchain

[Course] Blockchain for Developers - by Blockchain at Berkeley
A more technical course for engineers to learn blockchain fundamentals



[Video] Introduction to Bitcoin - by CuriousInventor
A 5-minute technical explanation of Bitcoin

[Article] An Open Letter to Jamie Dimon - by Adam Ludwin
An introduction to how Bitcoin works

[Article] Cryptocurrency 101 - by Ben Yu
A comprehensive longread into the history and purpose of cryptocurrencies


[Article] Bitcoin White Paper - by Satoshi Nakamoto
The original White Paper

[Video] The Future of Cryptocurrencies - by Andreas Antonopoulos
16-minute inspirational talk by Andreas Antonopoulos + 30 minutes of questions

Smart Contracts & Decentralized Apps


The new website is smartly designed to concisely explain Ethereum’s purpose & potential

[Article] A Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum - by Linda Xie
A quick introduction to Ethereum


[Article] How does Ethereum work, anyway? - by Preethi Kasireddy
Comprehensive explanation of the Ethereum basics including blockchain, account, transaction and so forth.